What is skin resurfacing?

Adoption of insulated NEEDLE without damage of epidermis minimizes DOWNTIME.
Application of high density energy reduces irradition time of high frequency and shortens the treatment time epochally resulting in increasing the treatment effect and minimizing pain.

NEEDLE INSERT system accessible to both AUTOMATIC mode and convenience according to the lesion and treatment area.
Application of powerful motor to insert NEEDLE enables you to insert NEEDLE uniformly even for curved dermis.
Optimized treatment for the purpose of DERMIS COAGULATION shows an excellent effect in the treatment of gular suture, laugh line, philtrum wrinkle, ect which were difficult to treat with other devices.

Photo gallery received by : Dr. Umar , MD

Advantages for physicians

Easy to operation
Minimal risk of complications
Controlled depth of influence
Easy to operation because of Smart protocol installed

Advantages for patients

Very good results on mild to medium wrinkling
Little or less downtime using Ultra Pulse beam
Fast laser beam emission and immediate treatment time
Easy, in and out procedure

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