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    Marvelous BluXel provides satisfactory results by the effective removing treatment at almost every pigment troubles. It can remove the targeted pigments selectively but very little damage to the dermis and epidermis. Our PTP Model has the patient feel a little pain and the skin regenerate sooner.

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    CapillusPro Hair Regrowth

    Capillus® represents the finest LLLT hair restoration. With Capillus®, The patient journey toward a newer, fuller head of hair is guided by a licensed hair restoration professional who understands how to diagnose and treat your unique conditions.

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    The Infinity Premium Cross Flex office offers a range of differentials, starting with the equipment, which comes with retractable rods and bold design, allowing use in the 12 o'clock position. In addition, it helps prevent repetitive strain injuries, assists in the durability of hand pieces, facilitates mobility in the office and provides a lot of agility by allowing the replacement of drills while the practitioner remains active.


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customer reviews

  • So happy! Great results.

    I started my treatment with Capillus almost a year ago when a friend recommended it because her hair restoration surgeon had recommended it for her. Now my hair is so much fuller! I had been super depressed because I kept seeing more empty areas of my scalp in the mirror. I started using the Capillus laser and my hair is full again. I don’t have to worry about the part anymore.


  • I stand behind this product 100%

    My hair started thinning when I was 24 years old. Now I am 49 years old and I can tell you that I have researched female pattern hair loss extensively. Plus, I’ve tried every over the counter and home made remedy I could get my hands on. There are only a handful of solutions that I recommend and this one is at the TOP OF THE LIST. I have treated with Capillus and as soon as I started the treatment, I noticed a difference. That’s not to say that my family noticed a difference because the nuance was small — but that didn’t matter to me. I know from experience that if something is going to work, I will see it happening even if others cannot. I have been going with the treatment for 3 months and I have a different head of hair. I use it 4x/week without fail because consistency is king — and the bottom line is I really do want my hair to look good. . I recommend this tratment without reserve. You won’t regret spending the cash.

    Sara Smith

  • Best results

    I’m a stylist and I always recommend Capillus laser to my clients! I haven’t used it personally however a lot of my clients do use it and their results are amazing!

    Sheila Bloom