Hair Restoration

The Capillus272 ™ OfficePro is the finest in Clinical LLLT hair restoration. With Capillus®, your journey toward a newer, fuller head of hair is guided by a licensed hair restoration professional who understands how to diagnose and treat your unique conditions.

The Capillus272 ™ OfficePro is a laser device for Clinics hair therapy that proven to prevent hair loss and promote regrowth in adults suffering from androgenic alopecia. The Capillus272 ™ OfficePro is designed to help medical professionals guide men and women throughout their journey to a fuller head of natural hair.

Hair Restoration

Hair loss treatment procedures have witnessed a huge shift in demand recently; with patients’ expectations taking a similar rise. Higher expectations require sophisticated systems that deliver accurate results. Thus, the introduction of cold low power level laser world was overly welcomed by both doctors and patients alike. The thrive to design and adjust the final automatic power, along with the need for accurate results, has finally been answered by Capillus’s advanced technologies. Demand has shifted from wanting more hair transplant to regrowth the own patients hair.

Our solution offers patients the ability to have them lost hair again, The expected final result, and the healthiest regrowth hair, increasing the chances of their hair regrowth, and enhancing natural looking results.

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