The carboxitherapy is a technique that involves the injection of CO2 supplied by subcutaneous and percutaneous therapeutic purposes. Due to the high quality of CO2 diffuser, once it has penetrated into adipose tissue, extends easily to adjacent tissues and exerts its function improved blood flow and stimulating the local metabolism. The CO2 is administered through a fine needle and has the advantage that acts only in the treated area is removed quickly and easily and can be used anywhere in the body with good results and no side effects. Currently, this is one of the best therapies to fight cellulite, excess body fat, sagging and aging body and face.

the quality of the tissue improves, the skin becomes smoother and the affected areas become thinner, also dealing effectively and cellulite problems bloodstream.



CO2 to penetrate the body as a gas, produces a subcutaneous tissue hiperdistensión releasing bradykinin, serotonin, histamine and catecholamines that stimulate beta-adrenergic receptors resulting in lipolysis (fat cell destruction). From the site of the injection, the CO2 diffuses easily into adjacent tissues, fulfilling its role. Its introduction under the skin is completed with a movement of manual massage that helps distribute and circulate carbon dioxide. CO2, in with fat spreads, and part of it goes to red blood cells. Upon contact with hemoglobin, gives oxygen to the tissues. Allows that oxygen be used for metabolic reactions and furthermore, produces a stimulation of fat burning. One advantage of this technique is the speed with which results are obtained in the patient immediately appreciate how the quality of the tissue improves, the skin becomes smoother and the affected areas become thinner, also dealing effectively and cellulite problems bloodstream.

CO2 infiltrates subcutaneously with a sterile needle attached to a thin tube (sampling line) which in turn is connected to a system designed especially for this purpose (BODYCARBOXI SUNLIGHT). The unit allows regulating the flow rate of CO2 (contained in a bullet), the injection contact time and monitor the percentage of administered dose.

Then proceed to make applications in the subcutaneous tissue of the desired areas, with consequent effects following:

➢ Lightweight subcutaneous emphysema (sign gas diffusion)

➢ Erythema with heat sensation that occurs, for example, both cellulite and abdominal adiposity (by the action of the gas at the vascular level)

➢ Capillary and venular vasodilation active

➢ Notable improvement in the quality of the tissue (skin smoother and thinning of the affected areas).

➢ Enhancement of the Bohr effect (increasing the CO2 concentration is reduced hemoglobin oxygen)

➢ Lipolytic effect (active beta- adrenergic receptors resulting adipose membrane fracture thereof)

➢ sympatholytic action

➢ hemorrheologic action

One of the most important benefits attributed to carboxitherapy is the elimination of cellulite. This process is carried out by injecting CO2 into the affected areas allowing restoring morphology and function of the microcirculation, increasing the amount and speed of blood flow, reducing the accumulation of fluid between cells, disintegrating fat the hypodermis and reducing fibrosis. After a few weeks, is possible to show the results of the art, when already naturally local metabolism stimulated with increasing microcirculation, removal of toxins and activation of lipolysis (breakdown of fat).

Carboxitherapy addition to removing existing cellulite, also can prevent its appearance if applied in a timely manner.

Aesthetic uses of carboxitherapy:

➢ Cellulitis

➢ Located obesity (helps reduce measures)

➢ sagging

➢ Fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth

➢ facial

➢ Stretch Marks

➢ micro Varices

➢ Pre and Post-Surgical (improves outcomes avoiding fibrosis)