Vacuum massage machine InVacMed

A modern 2-channel device for combined vacuum massage and electroterapy treatment. The efficiency and intensity of the therapeutic treatment by vacuum wave is increased with the use of electrotherapy.

It supports electrotherapeutic treatment in case of limb swelling caused by injuries, in acute and chronic pain, peripheral circulation disorder, vein and lymphatic stagnation and to achieve muscle relaxation in spastic condition.

  • cooperation with electrotherapy units
  • fast, practical fixing of electrodes in hard-to-reach places of the body
  • independent electrotherapy electrode connection
  • low noise operation
  • electronic control and protection against too high vacuum force
  • indication of water tank filing
  • energy-efficient mode
  • 4 vaccum electrodes (60 mm) with viscose inserts
  • full set of electrode cables
  • electrotherapy device connecting cable
  • power supply cable
  • electrodes (30 and 90 mm)
  • viscose inserts (30 and 90 mm)
Vaccum wave frequency: 15-90 pulses / min.
Vacuum: max. 400 mbar
Number of electrodes: 4
Pover supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Current consumpion: max. 0,1 A
Dimensions: 335 mm x 135 mm x 325 mm
Weight: 3,3 kg
Protection class: II, BF