Portable Dental Unit – Ref. 930

A bold and practical solution. The Odontoportable is a simple and yet complete equipment. Its installation is extremely easy, it only requires an electric power point, dispensing the needs of a standard dental office like water, air and sewage installations. Designed for use in isolated and difficult to reach places such as forest, riverine and indigenous regions, among others, it is certified by NATO NATO and the Brazilian Armed Forces.



Technical Details

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  • Mechanic backrest adjustment;
  • Fixed seat height;
  • Emergency position (up to – 5˚ on the backrest tilt);
  • Multi-articulating headrest;
  • Right armrest swivel;
  • Adjustable and foldable leg rest;
  • Customized upholster, waterproof coating with antibacterial protection.

Dental Compressor

  • Oil-free – 1HP engine
  • Pressure range: 80 and 100 pounds;
  • Filter for solid waste;
  • Steam condenser system with pressure gauge;
  • Built-in air tank, 3 liters capacity.
  • Stainless steel tray;
  • Height adjustable support arm;
  • Two hand-piece positions + syringe
  • Hand-pieces included: Turbine, Micro-motor pneumatic, Contra-angle, Straight-piece, 3-way syringe
  • Water tank with built-in solid filter.
  • Mono-focal LED light (low energy consumption and low heat dissipation);
  • Multifaceted reflector mirror;
  • Polycarbonate protection shield;
  • Dual handle.
  • Spittoon bowl in translucent color made of high resistant polyester;
  • Cup filler and bowl rinse with removable stick;
  • High vacuum saliva/blood ejector – 450mm Hg;
  • Ultrasonic scaler with LED light, frequency: 28 + – 3 Khz, and “Endo” function;
  • Curing light LED, power: 1,000 to 1,200 mW/ cm2, tips for curing and whitening, eye protection shield.
  • Height adjustable with gas piston;
  • Backrest tilt;
  • 5 double casters.