Podiatric Chair – Ref. 131

Those who dedicate their time looking after the facial aesthetics, dermatological procedures or podiatry deserve an equipment to the height of the care that promotes. This model has automatic controls on the seat and backrest, exclusive adduction and abduction system on the leggings, allowing better access of the professional to the procedures and more, check it out!



Technical Details

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  • Automatic chair with 4 commands;
  • Seat and Backrest movements;
  • Multi-articulating headrest;
  • Emergency Position (-5° on the backrest);
  • Swivel Upholstered Armrests;
  • Leg support with independent movements, swivel and extendable, side opening to “V” position;
  • Upholstered footrest;
  • Joystick pedal on the chair base;
  • Emergency Stop Switch;
  • 2 Oil-free motors made by BOSCH®.