The dental chair is the star of your office. Infinity Premium, entry model of the top line of Olsen, helps you to obtain the best performance and also contributes to the loyalty of all your patients, with great comfort, design and technology.

Technical Details

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  • Automatic adjustment for seat and backrest
  • Zero position + three programmable work position + spit position
  • Multi-articulating headrest
  • Remote foot pedal with progressive hand piece drive
  • Swivel right armrest
  • All external covers made of thermo-forming ABS
  • Movements activated by touchpad panel / foot pedal
  • Anatomic upholstery
  • Automatic drain
  • 3 hand-piece positions + 1 three way syringe
  • Touchpad panel
  • Ultrasonic Scaler
  • Electrical micromotor
  • Counterbalance flex arm with pneumatic lock
  • Double stainless steel tray
  • X-ray viewer
  • Borden or Midwest connection
  • LED light Capacity: 8.000-24.000 Lux continuous adjustment
  • Light head made of ABS, sealed type
  • On/Off switch on the touchpad panel / remote foot pedal
  • Swivel at 90°
  • Cuspidor bowl in translucent color with integrated cup-filler
  • Bowl flush water activated on the touchpad panel / foot pedal
  • Cup filler with timer activated on the touchpad panel / foot pedal
  • Detachable water sticks
  • Prophylaxis system with bicarbonate
  • Curing light LED
  • Two Venturi saliva ejectors (low & high)
  • Additional three-way syringe
  • Pro Gas Stool
  • Anti stress system (Ref. 749)
  • Fiber optical system (tubing + coupling) (Ref. 711)
  • LCD Holder (Ref. 709)
  • HVE – High Vacuum Evacuation (Ref. 772)
  • Vacuum pump adaptor (Ref. 765)