Cognitive rehabilitation system Neuroforma

Neuroforma is designed for patients with neurological diseases and injuries. It’s particularly suited for the rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis, those recovering from a brain stroke or brain injury.

Neuroforma for centres is an innovative device for exercising motor and cognitive functions and balance control created by neurorehabilitation and neuropsychology experts. It’s designed for those rehabilitation centres which want to gain:

  • time and convenience,
  • more satisfied and committed patients,
  • better therapeutic results.

Neuroforma uses virtual reality technology and motion capture in 2D and 3D, proved to be useful in neurorehabilitation by scientific research.

Neuroforma provides you a modern tool with biofeedback elements, which will make your work more effective and which your patients will appreciate!

  • Convenient, mobile station including a big screen, computer system and 3D technology optical system.
  • Unlimited access to motor-cognitive exercises and modules: practice sessions, mirror therapy, parameter adjustment, user base, posture correction, and video instructions.
  • The balance control training module with the force platform, safety rail and a dedicated set of motor and cognitive training (optional module).
  • Unique mobility and cognitive tasks.
  • Innovations in neurological rehabilitation: a patient performs tasks in attractive virtual environment.
  • All patient information (including training sessions information) is stored in patient profile. The number of profiles is unlimited.
  • Multimedia assistance – instructional videos supporting patients during the first phases of training.
  • 28 diversified complexity levels ensure precise adjustment to current abilities of all patients.
  • Perpetual license.

The Neuroforma station package is intended for rehabilitation centres and other institutions working with patients in therapy rooms, where a comprehensive, precise and easy to use tool is needed.

Neuroforma is designed for patients with neurological diseases and injuries. In particular, they support the rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis and those recovering from brain strokes and brain injuries.

Neuroforma is suitable for exercising in both standing and sitting positions. It can therefore also be used for work-outs with patients in wheelchairs.

The broad range of exercise configurations allows experienced therapists to also use the program to work with other patients requiring motor or cognitive function enhancement.