Body Analyzer

The body analyzer calculate the BMI body mass index

With 5 testing frequencies, body Analyzer  is calculating with great accuracy, high correlation with MRI & DEXA. lt’s a

reliable machine to be used in medical or health care applications. With unique muscle analysis function and

powerful PC software, Body Analyzer is the best choice for hospitals, fitness gyms, research institutions and

any other high-end users.

5 testing frequencies Measurement of Intercellular Water and Extracellular Water Detailed muscle and fat.


Advantages of the Body Analyzer
· For precise obesity analysis;
· For quick health assessment;
· Predict the risk of many chronic disease;
· Making plans for physical exercise;
· Making scheme for weight control;
· Evaluate the progress and achievement of weight control;
· Basic data for proper diet plan.

Through the quantum resonance magnetic body health analyzer / Body Composition Analyzer professional software system, you can find the tracks of the physical condition to improve for the guest to a new diet and exercise program.And a new health management system will automatically in the body on the basis of analyzing the data of the guests for guests to provide advice and knowledge.System to provide an interface connected to the computer, users can cooperate with more specialized diet, health consultant system to provide thoughtful service for the guest.


By use of BIA biological impedance detection technology at home and abroad, and the production of different, different considerations, main reference factors, gender, height, weight, age, impedance.
Based on the new method of DXA statistics, measuring body composition: body fat, body weight, BMI (body mass index), and the fat index such as health, effective instruction guest’s physical health.
On the basis of DXA, DSM method become more simple and direct way to measure the body composition, in the use of two methods of measuring test results show 98% of similarity.

Applicable for Body Composition Analyzer:
fitness center to lose weight, beauty salon, hospital, research institutions, relevant professional unit,
gym, school




Basic(11) Weight,TBW(Total body liquid), Protein Mass, Fat Mass, Bone Mass, Muscle mass, Skeletal Muscle, Fat free mass,

Intracellular water, Extracellular water,Impedance of Each Segments & Frequencies

Directive(9) PBF, Visceral Fat Index, Percent Body Protein, Percent Body Bone, Percent Body Water,

BMI,WHR, BMR,Edema Index.

Segmental(3) Segmental fat, Segmental muscle, Segmental bone
Evaluation(16) Fitness Score, Body Shape Graph, Body Age, Skeletal muscle level,Upper-lower balance, Left-right balance,Target weight, Weight control, Fat control, Muscle control, BMI Grade, PBF grade,

WHR type, Protein, Fat, Mineral Level